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Possible sources for testicular implants

  • Mentor Corporation - Mentor is a manufacturer of all sorts of medical devices and prosthetics. They are currently in the process of obtaining FDA approval for new saline filled silicone testicular prosthetics. For more information see the TCRC's Implant Page
  • Silimed - Silimed makes an 'Oval Carving Block' implant made of silicone elastomer. This device can be used without carving as a testicular implant.
  • Laboratoires Perouse Implant - A French manufacturer of testicular implants.
  • Promedon - An Argentinean manufacturer of silicone elastomer testicular prosthetics. They do not currently have a website, but they can be reached by email.
  • PSURG Cosmetic Surgicentre - This surgicentre is located in Toronto, CA, and is run by Dr Robert Stubbs, a plastic surgeon. Dr Stubbs performs a variety of procedures including the insertion of testicular implants. Because he is in Canada, he has access to older silicone gel and silicone elastomer implants. Note that other plastic surgeons and urologists outside of the US may also have access to these items. We include Dr Stubbs on this list because he has a website, complete with before and after pictures (graphic!), and because he responds to email.
  • The REED Center - Dr Reed is a urologist in Miami, FL. He manufactures his own testicular prosthetics out of a silicone elastomer. His website only talks about testicular enhancement, but they do perform testicular replacements as well. He too has a before and after picture (graphic!) and responds to email.

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