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Without question, the Testicular Cancer Resource Center hosts the largest collection of testicular cancer related links on the Internet! Just click on one of the topics listed in the left frame to see that section of links. Once you click on an actual link, a new page should open displaying your link.

Now, as much as I like to think that I have collected every useful testicular cancer link in existence, the internet has grown quite a bit since our early days. There ar many additional pages and sites with useful testicular cancer information. So go ahead and search the net to see what else is out there! Just be aware that not everything out on the internet, particularly medical information, is completely accurate or trustworthy...


Google also has a great news search engine. The normal search will find good web sites, but if you want something really recent or want to find something you might have heard on the news, use this search. Be aware that it only searches news from the last 30 days. Anything older probably has found its way into the normal search engine.


Know of any good sites or items we've missed?
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