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Note: This page has grown out of date due to changes in insurance rules and the rapidly escalating cost of medical care in the United States. It also ignores monetary and insurance related issues that affect patients in other parts of the world. If you would like to share more recent information regarding expenses, insurance rules or anything else relevant to this page, please send Doug an email.

As with any medical condition, treatment has a price...the intent of this page is to:

-- Inform you of the possible costs relating to Testicular Cancer and
-- Provide information to help you PAY for those costs, too!

Keep in mind, however, that testicular cancer is real cancer. Putting off a visit to the doctor because of problems with insurance coverage is not a good idea. There are ways to deal with this issue that are more practical than just hoping it will go away on its own...

To start out, here is some advice we received from a very respected doctor in the TC field:

Here is a common question:

TCRC's Resident Insurance/HMO Advice Guy said:

The following information is taken from a paper called Cost and Risk Benefit in the Management of Clinical Stage II Nonseminomatous Testicular Tumors (with many thanks to Scott Kinkade):

Ref: Jack Baniel MD, Bruce J Roth MD, Richard S Foster MD, and John P Donohue MD out of Indiana University in CANCER June 15, 1995 vol 75, No 12 p2897-2903.

This paper discusses side effects, survival and costs of different treatments. They have a table that lists Avg Costs in Management of Testis Cancer Patients. (1992 IU med ctr prices)

They break it down several different ways, but basically for the procedure plus follow-up they estimate:

TC Patient's Perspectives

My orchiectomy cost (in 1992) $2459.58. That was for one night in the hospital.

An oncologist visit goes for roughly $60, though the initial visit may be more. Also, doctors at major medical centers like Sloan Kettering may charge much more.

My surveillance costs are roughly $400 per visit for the blood test, chest Xray and radiologist fees. I do have a couple extra tests done, so maybe subtract $50.

A CT Scan (abdominal and pelvic w/wo contrast) runs about $2000 for the scans and radiologist fees. That price is higher than when I started 4 years ago. Some doctors may decide to skip the pelvic scan. I tried to convince my oncologist it wasn't necessary a couple of years ago but he wouldn't agree.

The first year of surveillance, I managed to hit the maximum out of pocket expenses for my insurance, and that worked out to about $12000 (not including the operation).

All these expenses were incurred at a reasonably large hospital in a major suburb of Chicago. Expenses in some of the richer suburbs or downtown would have been higher.

Let's see, surgery, radiation treatments, anti-nausea drugs, checkups, a couple of CT scans in the first year, about $11,000. Thankfully I was mostly insured.

If I remember right, the hospital "visit" was around $10,000 to $11,000. That did not include the docs fee - just the ER room, the drugs and the CT scan.

I just got the last bill for my husband's RPLND at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSKCC). The total, including the surgeon, hospital and all the different auxilliary personnel, came to $29,584.12. This was in January 2001.

RPLND expenses at Indiana Univ. Medical Center:

Paying for TC Related Treatments

Doug's comments:
If you do have insurance, there are a number of things to be aware of:

Bruce sent in this HMO advice:

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